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Life is Calling

  • Tivoli Court , West Bengal, Kolkata , India

Life is Calling is a transformation centre for the troubled youth in Kolkata. It offers Quality intensive de-addiction programs for the addicted youth. It is designed for the young adults and families battling addiction but not ready to commit themselves to long term treatments at rehabs. An integrated approach for treating people who are experiencing a wide range of issues, from emotional distress such as grief, trauma, relationship conflicts to more severe mental health concerns such as depression, mood swings, anxiety disorders, stress, anger management issues etc. Programs for the uninitiated youth- the lazy, uninterested and directionless teenager who just wants to sleep in, play computer games, surf the net and hangout with their friends. It offers intervention to channelize their focus on the basics, hone their communication and social skills and boost their confidence. Training for not only the youth but also their families so that they are empowered to address their concerns in the most scientific and effective manner. Life is Calling has a team of competent medical professionals and consultants with a rich body of experience in their respective domain. It also has professionals with years of experience in the education industry- counselling and grooming students. Our centre is located in Tivoli Court, 1A Ballygunge Park Road, Kolkata- 700019. We will start our operations from July, 2017.